MEETINGS 2021 Hosted Buyer Testimonials

Attending MEETINGS 2021 will be incredibly valuable to our company, as it will help us to expand our business even more into New Zealand. We always find it to be extremely important to have a wealth of information regarding possible destinations for upcoming events, as the more we know the better we can sell to our ideas to clients. In this current Covid landscape where overseas travel will be few and far between, we certainly want to try and host more and more events closer to home in New Zealand so this will be a fantastic opportunity.

Shannon Healey, Event Manager, CBD Events (AU)

We are already receiving customers enquiries for face to face programs seeking our professional guidance on designing programs into lower risk domestic and international destinations. With this backdrop, Meetings NZ presents a great opportunity for us to connect with our local partners and identify new suppliers that can help us amaze and protect our customers.

Fernando Lonergan, Senior Director, Australia & Regional Sales & Solutions, BCD Meetings & Events, Asia Pacific

A chance to network and find out what is happening in some of the outer regions. Getting in touch with new providers and reconnecting with well-known contacts.

Debbie Paardekooper, Business Development Manager, Panda Events

Re engagement with the NZ industry, important suppliers and stakeholders. Up to date information on new venues, destinations and products.

Nell Harrison, Managing Direction, The Association Specialists (AU)

I would like to get some realistic and updated information on venues and suppliers for our annual conference, potentially to be held in NZ 2022/2023 for 500+ delegates.

Alexis Linton, Events & Operations Manager, The MHS Learning Network

Update on the new business meetings landscape, meeting face to face with new and existing suppliers.

Kristin De Sousa – Marketing & Events, Royal College of General Practitioners (NZ)

Would like to gain connections with vendors and venues in New Zealand to increase our training and events within the regions to better support our local offices.

Laura Hill, Learning Development & Events Manager, LJ Hooker (AU)

Connect with industry, discover new venues and ideas for conference and incentive programs in NZ.

Jessica Ferguson, Business Development & Operations Manager, Arinex (AU)

With a (hopeful) trans-Tasman "bubble" opening up soon, NZ will be a highly desired "international" destination for Australian travellers. By attending Meetings 2021 I will be able to offer first-hand knowledge and recommendations.

Virginia McCarthy, BDM, Conference Venues and Booking Service

Further product knowledge - to re-engage with New Zealand suppliers and learn about the destinations / opportunities for future programmes.

Bianca Caia, Event Manager, MYOB (AU)

I would like to build a greater knowledge base of products/service available in the industry. I feel after that past year, there have been so many changes and I would like to get up to date.

Kate Blewett, Senior Event Co-ordinator, Avenues Event Management (NZ)

I would like to network and gain more exposure in my new role within the industry. I would also like to lock in or get some options of suppliers to present to clients for 2022 conferences and events.

Amelia Lowe, Incentive & Events Manager, Lime & Soda/Vokali

Greater product knowledge and confidence with destination knowledge. Increasing knowledge of new product and connecting with suppliers.

Rebecca Quilty, Senior Event Operations Manager, Incentives and Special Events (AU)

Reconnect and meet with new NZ BE contacts and update on all product available to recommend to our clients.

Kelli Vettoretto, Regional Manager /Helms Briscoe (AU)

Regional contacts, venues and available experiences.

Sarah Dunan-Hale, Director QT Event Collective

I would like to gain further knowledge on venues or suitable locations as being based in Australia, it's hard to have full oversight and understand.

Emily Loughrey, Event Manager, BCD Meetings & Events

Gain a greater knowledge of the area, suppliers, new products, incentive ideas and destinations within NZ.

Ellie Dickinson, Director BCC Management (AU)

NZ is going to be a critical destination for 2021/22 - and updating on the product and opportunities would be beneficial to sell and market to our clients.

Sharon Livingston GM Events, The Travel Authority (AU)

I would like to gain further knowledge on venues or suitable locations as being based in Australia, it's hard to have full oversight and understand.

Emily Loughrey, Event Manager, BCD Meetings & Events

ABC3 - 3rd Australasian Breast Congress
6-8 October 2022 proposed
Joint congress with us and Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand for medical professional who work in the breast cancer area. 350-700 delegates. Familiarisation with local companies and to develop contacts that can help me run a fabulous event in Christchurch.

Kerry Eyles, Executive Officer, Australasian Society for Breast Disease (AU)

Reconnect with and get updates from contacts made at Meetings NZ in 2019. Broaden and deepen my understanding of what is on offer to support conferences - primarily in Wellington, Auckland & Christchurch. My clients need more options to consider outside their current interest in Wellington due to anticipated growth. I therefore need to better understand what is on offer in the major cities in NZ.

Michael Taylor, Director Taylored Consulting (AU)

An updated idea of incentive products and destinations available to sell to our clients.

Lyle de Villiers, Operations Manager, Liberty International (AU)

To be inspired by new ideas and experiences for delivering quality and unique events for our members and to make connections with suppliers who can help us to do so.

Hannah McKee, Financial Services Federation (NZ)

Greater knowledge of the offerings and especially suppliers in NZ - all our clients are Australia & NZ and we need to know and understand the options available for NZ.

Inge Meggitt, Operations Manager, DC Conference & Association Management (AU)

Reconnect with the incredible suppliers and venues in New Zealand
Re-inspire myself with what is new in New Zealand so I can communicate this to my team and then 'sell' the destination to our clients
Reignite my passion as I will not have travelled for a considerable amount of time and admittedly the concept of being a 'delegate' is very appealing.

Gina Samuels, General Manager, The Production House (AU)

Refresh post Covid with key NZ suppliers and destinations to assist and plan our programmes 2022 and beyond.

Darren Crichton-Browne – Managing Director DCB Events (AU)

Increase my knowledge of NZ product - with 320 delegates due/confirmed in Auckland 2022.

Anthony Gray, MD Incentive Action (AU)

Refresh knowledge, see new product, excellent to see and meet so many players/venues in one space!

Catriona Butler, Senior Director Global Accounts (AU)