MEETINGS 2022   15th – 16th June 2022   Te Pae - Christchurch Convention Centre, Christchurch


We look forward to welcoming
seven inspiring speakers to the MEETINGS stage.

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 Wednesday, 2 June
 11.30 am   Jase Te Patu 
 1.35 pm   Kathrine Switzer
 3.15 pm   Nigel Latta 
 Thursday, 3 June
11.00 am   Matty Lovell
1.45 pm   Dr Michelle Dickinson
2.45 pm   Dr Lucy Hone &
 Dr Denise Quinlan

Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes in duration with time for Q & A at the end.
(Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan will present for approximately 40 minutes with time for Q & A)

Jase Te Patu is an award-winning wellbeing advocate, co-owner of Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing and the Founder of M3 Mindfulness.

Jase will deliver a compelling and heartfelt message around self-care - covering physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness!

For more information on Jase and the presentations he can deliver, click here.  

Kathrine Switzer is a trailblazing athlete, sports and social advocate, author, and Emmy award-winning television commentator.

Kathrine will share her iconic story of being the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Usually New York-based, this is a rare opportunity to hear a history changing story!

For more information on Kathrine and the presentations she can deliver, click here

Nigel Latta is a well-known and respected psychologist, TV documentary host and author. Nigel will examine the essence of resilience in a post-COVID world, looking at new thinking in all facets of life, including how to adopt new habits and new trends at work.

For more information on Nigel and the presentations he can deliver, click here

Matty Lovell is an inspirational speaker who is living proof of what mindset, a plan and discipline can achieve. Matty will share his raw and uplifting story of how he, from a wheelchair, conquered depression, travelled the world, started a business, and ran an international marathon. He will empower you to take on new challenges and re-think what is possible!

For more information on Matty and the presentations he can deliver, click here

Dr Michelle Dickinson is a global science leader and the founder of Nanogirl Labs, an expert in future trends, and entrepreneur. Michelle will present an insightful presentation on re-wiring for the future. Where technology is rapidly changing the way we do business, how can we prepare and what skills will we need to ensure we are ready? Michelle will guide you with her expert insights!

For more information on Dr Michelle and the presentations she can deliver, click here

Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan are founding directors of the NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, authors, professors, and internationally acclaimed speakers.

Lucy’s Ted Talk has had over two million views and was named in the top 20 TED Talks of 2020, alongside Bill Gates. Lucy and Denise will present an engaging and thought-provoking presentation on thriving through uncertainty and building teams that perform well under pressure.

For more information on Denise and Lucy and the presentations they can deliver, click here

All of the keynote speakers will be available after their presentations to chat to you on the
Celebrity Speakers stand number 160.