Tamaki Maori Village

1220 Hinemaru St

No. of Meeting Rooms4
Tamaki Māori Village is a breathtaking and magical venue within which to hold remarkable and unforgettable encounters. Our forest village is filled with ambience, vibe and magic – spine tingling stuff.

Mother Nature and ancestors are responsible for most of the magic. Our amazing people deliver the rest. We promise bold, genuine encounters with the culture, the people and the land.

Our evening experience includes: Guided transportation with storytelling, all guests participate in our ancient ceremony of welcome that allows visitor’s safe passage into the village.

Wander beneath the stunning forest canopy while enjoying a selection of items from our indigenous inspired Cocktail & Canapé menu (Optional), in our interactive Pre-European Māori village.

The village is alive with sights, sounds & activity of days gone by. Watch as your hangi meal is carefully lifted from beneath the ground where it has been cooking upon hot stones.

In our village meeting house the Ngāti Tama people share a powerful cultural performance before you are welcomed to dine on your traditional hangi meal and dessert menu.

Tamaki Maori Village 
Tamaki Maori Village 
Tamaki Maori Village 
Tamaki Maori Village